PDH Drawing Services

About PDH Drawing Services

  As a self taught draughtsman and for many years a keen railway modeller,I have progressively expanded my knowledge and modelling skills to include scratch-building models of British outline rolling stock in 4mm/foot scale.


  As any keen modeller will know, acurate drawings are essential to a sucessful model. As scale drawings of more obscure subjects are very difficult, or even impossible to obtain, I started to produce my own drawings of these subjects using AutoCAD. I soon became more involved with the drawings than actual modelling, and decided it was important to make these drawings available available for all modellers and historians to utilise.
  All my drawings are produced to 4mm/foot scale. They can be scaled up or down, from 2mm/foot to 10mm/foot on request.
Each drawing contains the relevant side, end and top elevations. Technical data, livery details and a brief history is also included were applicable.
  My current catalogue contains some 1,500 drawings, covering locos, coaches, wagons and multiple units from around 1890 to the present day.

  Drawings are available seperatley, and several collections of drawings have been put together in book format and are availble in comb bound cardback book format.

  A full mail order service is offered. To purchase books, please see 'books for sale', and to purchase single drawings, please see 'drawings for sale'.

Producing Drawings

  In order to produce drawings, as many references as possible are essential, and have been drawn from a wide variety of places. Original works diagrams are allways used were available, but be aware as they often have errors in them, I know from bitter experience. Photographic eveidence is essential, and as many photos as possible are studied, being drawn from my own collection, a large library of reference books, and also many photo sites on the internet, (see links).  On several occasions and where possible, vehicles have been measured up and photographed on site. If you require a drawing not allready produced, please contact PDH Drawings on the contact page with your enquiry, as I am allways producing new drawings, and commisioned drawings can allways be produced, provided the relevant references can be obtained. Please allow 28 days for reasearch and producing new drawings.